Online Curriculum

Review, at your own pace, the information that is presented during a live IV-E training. Learn about the background of the IV-E reviews and the overall review process. Walk through the On-Site Review Instrument and learn important tips on how to accurately complete it. Refresh your understanding of the Quality Assurance process and how it works on site.


Want to test your understanding of the On-Site Review Instrument? Each of these 10 scenarios corresponds to a different section of the instrument. Read each one, then answer the questions that follow to see how well you grasp the instrument’s key concepts.

Mock Case

Ready to really test yourself? Download a complete mock case and the On-Site Review Instrument, and see how well you do at completing it. When you’re finished, download the answer key and check your work. Note: This mock case is different from the one used in live trainings.


All your IV-E review-related resources located in one convenient place. Includes the complete Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility Review Guide, a variety of quick guides and tip sheets designed to assist you during an on-site review, travel expense vouchers, and the On-Site Review Instrument itself.